Rumah Agung Sedayu Group

Agung Sedayu Group is a leading Jakarta-based property developer dating back to 1971. We specialize in one-stop living and business solutions, bringing together convenience and comfort for the ideal modern lifestyle.

Our portfolio includes major development in the most sought-after Jakarta locations Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, dan Bekasi consisting of township, superblok, apartment, office tower, mall, industrial estate, hotel, etc.

Today, we invite interested partners and investors to explore the unique opportunities available through Agung Sedayu Group

Our History

Agung Sedayu Group began from humble beginnings as a small shophouse contractor in 1971. Over the next decade, the company grew through word of mouth and rigorous discipline, broadening its client base and reach.

In 1991, the Group rose to prominence with the completion of Harco Mangga Dua, the first integrated IT mall in Jakarta. More mega-residential and commercial complexes followed this success, such as the 200-hectare Taman Palem and the high-rise Apartments. The quality and efficiency of the company’s building processes, coupled with careful risk-management, allowed the Group to weather the Asian monetary crisis in good condition. Unlike many other property developers, the Group was able to stay afloat through rigorous discipline and internal financing.

Following the post-crisis shakeout which eliminated a number of developers, the company was ideally positioned to fulfill the torrent of demand for commercial space as well as resedential needs. The Group has since taken initiative to create a number of new projects including such revolutionary projects such as Kelapa Gading Square, a one stop living concept which has become one of the premier places to live for Jakarta’s elite.

Vision & Mission

Agung Sedayu Group commits to be a trusted leading edge property developer in Indonesia, through highest service, stay innovative in presenting superior quality masterpiece, and punctual deliverability.

Agung Sedayu Group commits to be a company that brings vast benefits on all sectors in our community, nation, and country.

Our Commitment

Since 1971, Agung Sedayu Group has pioneered and developed its reputation based on a clear Vision, Mission and Values (VMV). This VMV is the basis of our company, which has been realized thanks to the hard work and dedication of all our employees.

Over the years, we have developed a far-reaching vision of Agung Sedayu Group as a trusted property developer and market leader. In order to realize this vision, we have continuously demonstrated our professionalism, gaining credibility and public trust over time.

Our mission statement closely supports this vision. We are determined to fulfill our mission of becoming a property developer that embodies the principles of Efficient Costing, High Quality and On-Time Development. This mission statement reflects our organization’s commitment to producing quality property products that are appropriate for the consumer market. It goes without saying that in order for this mission to succeed, other values such as integrity, commitment and team work must be brought into play.

The vision, mission and values described above are the driving force behind Agung Sedayu Group’s success in the Indonesian property market. It is this VM that provides the guidance and motivation for our employees. At Agung Sedayu Group, our employees are constantly challenging themselves to create the maximum value for all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, consumers and the general public.
On behalf of Agung Sedayu Group, we would like to reiterate our commitment to provide the best products and services for the property development market. Guided by our VM, we trust that Agung Sedayu Group will stand in the public mind as a symbol of the values outlined above.